Skin Correcting Face and Body Scrub

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Especially formulated for most skin types from adolescents to adults for results you can see and feel immediately! Whether you are fighting unsightly skin or already have flawless skin, use this rich, exfoliating, scrub to achieve softer, smoother, skin that feels sexy to the touch. No other scrub on the market is better at hydrating, nourishing, cleansing, fighting imperfections, breaking down uneven skin surfaces and promoting healthier, more radiant, skin overall!


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Skin Correcting Face and Body Scrub is made with the following ingredients:

  • raw cane sugar
  • golden syrup (inverted sugar)
  • safflower
  • evening primrose*
  • tea tree **
  • eucalyptus **
  • sweet orange**
  • caffeine extract

 *Organic Ingredients, **Non GMO Ingredients



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2 oz (Large Exfoliants), 2 oz (Small Exfoliants), 4 oz (Large Exfoliants), 4 oz (Small Exfoliants), 16 oz (Large Exfoliants), 16 oz (Small Exfoliants)

12 reviews for Skin Correcting Face and Body Scrub

  1. Marcus Lowe II

    This product has changed my life! I’ve tried various products to address my “aggressive” skin and dark spots in the past, and this is the only product that has provided consistent results for me. I use it twice a day and recommend it to everyone I know!

  2. Yamide

    Before this scrub I hated using them and stopped buying them.
    My son and I love this scrub so much – we barely do without it! It leaves your skin nourished, hydrated and soft. It makes wonders during winter or summer.
    We use it at least 3 times a week – but we can easily use it every day! Thanks Paul! I recommend to everyone.

  3. alexisglobal

    Once I used this scrub for a week, I tossed all other products for body wash, it softens my feet, my skin feels moisturized and smooth (whether or not I follow up with a lotion/cream) and my skin feels hydrated for the entire day! I have used it as a face scrub as well as all over my body and it has eliminated the eczema on my thighs and also for the ladies, my wax lady complimented my skin and used me as a model because this scrub eliminated all hair bumps, lightened dark spots and even softened my hair follicles, feeling like a baby’s bottom. TMI maybe? But I have to say, there is nothing that can replace how this scrub makes me feel, especially in the winter.

  4. Teiko

    This is so special, that I have to remind myself I an worth it. I treat myself to Dr-stress after a hard day at work plus its a hydrating and aromatherapy all in one.

  5. Kevin

    This scrub is great! I’ve tried a million different products on my skin and this is the only one that works! I get really bad acne on my face and it leaves scars. Not only has this helped to even out my skin, but it is also lightening the dark marks. Definitely the best!

  6. Erika

    This body butter is amazing!! I use it everywhere, but more importantly after 3 months my dark spots are gone on my knees and elbows. I love the natural clean feeling and scent. I also have excema under my arms. The butter clears the dry itchy skin. I Love Vegan Skin!!

  7. Candice

    This is the perfect scrub. I use it daily on myself as well as my clients. Nothing but great skin results. I recommend this for anyone seeking a good exfoliating product. It leaves the skin with a natural radiance. Definitely my go to scrub!


    These days, I lead a fast-paced life with little time for regular appointments that offer my skin the TLC it deserves. Luckily, I found this scrub and don’t travel without a jar of Paul Joseph’s genius in my bag. It keeps my skin healthy and glowing, just the way I like it. Treat yourself and someone you love with the radiant glow, you deserve.

  9. Brenda

    This scrub is my go to R&R. This secret potion is a must have. The sugar granules dissolve in my bath and sometimes there’s a little left behind my ear…talk about a sweet treat! It scrubs away any dead cells and skin, exfoliating heaven!!! Smells so refreshing and I’m moisturized all day. Thanks Vegan Skin

  10. Vera Moore

    I’m a product junkie. For years, I searched for a scrub with crystals that were gentle enough to use on my face while also coarse enough to use on my body. Both areas are dry, in certain places, and troubled with dark spots. Paul Joseph’s scrub is seemingly the magic bullet. I’m able to use it all over my body and my skin feels nourished and healthy. It’s also helped to even out my skin tone. I swear by it.

  11. Hammerdon’thurt’em

    The BEST facial scrub on the market period! This is an absolute must have!

  12. Sandra

    I purchased the scrub at work when Paul came to the building as a vendor. I damaged the palms of my hands several years ago trying to open several small containers during the Thanksgiving holiday. My palms had completely blistered up and I tried several products to try to clear them. I started using the scrub in May 2019 and today my hands are as soft as a baby’s bottom!!!! When they tend to get dry I use the shea butter. Vegan Skin is awesome!

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